3Eagles Trading Co. Inc.

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Unique and beautiful Native American Indian Jewelry and Southwestern Style Jewelry. Made by the best artisans in the business using the finest metals and natural stones. EMAIL Rob Cochran 


 Native American Online, Great chat site!

Hawk Henries Native American Flutes and Music


  Great Trading Path -- Native American Indian crafts, beadwork, jewelry, pottery, drums

Waterbird Creations

Southwest Trade winds,
Purveyors of Fine Indian and Western Collectibles and Artifacts. Check out this excellent site loaded with Quality Native Crafts.

Kindred Spirit is respective of the indigenous people of this country, the Native American. I am very proud of my Cherokee/Choctaw heritage. In keeping with tradition, my crafts are reminiscent of the 'old ways'. Each piece is individually hand crafted - never mass produced, allowing for its own uniqueness and personality.

Rainmaker art Trading in fine Native American Art and Artifacts for more than twenty years.

Native American Traders -Links and Catalog pages

Celebrations of American Indians Jackie Crow Story Teller

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